NSW PWC Licence – Get Your Jetski PWC Licence!

Go riding this weekend!

We love riding Jet Skis here at Sydney Boat Licence.

At our office, I love riding on my Sea-Doo whilst my colleagues prefer Yamaha’s.

Nothing competes with the thrill of riding a Jet Ski with a few mates.

In NSW, you’ll need a PWC licence to ride a Jet Ski. This licence is an upgrade on a NSW boat licence. We can help you with that as well if you don’t have that already. See here or call for details

PWC licence sessions are done alongside the boat licence theory in a single easy & short session so there’s no need to come back and do another course later on.

Get qualified, upgrade your licence and go riding this weekend!

Get your Sydney PWC (Jet Ski) licence this week!

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